If you were a young man living in Texas during the time of the War Between the States, there was a good chance you descended from a long line of veterans.  Your father may have fought in the Mexican War and/or the War for Texas Independence.  Your grandfather, before migrating to Texas, would have participated in the War of 1812 and his father and/or grandfather would have been a patriot in the American Revolution.  It would be natural for you to go to war for your homeland.  And, Texans did just that. 

Approximately 90,000 men served in the Confederate Army and a few in the Union Army.  They might have been in the Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry or Navy.  Texans were involved in every major battle of the war in every state.  Their bravery is legendary. Union forces failed to successfully occupy Texas despite invasion attempts from all directions. At Sabine Pass the Confederate Forces under the command of 25-year-old Lt. Dick Dowling were out numbered approximately 60 to 4,000.  The Texas Confederates won using some of the most ingenious of tactics. Other legendary heroes emerge from Hood's Texas Brigade and Terry's Texas Rangers.  The last battle of the war was fought on Texas soil at Palmito Ranch in the valley.  The Confederates won, only to have to surrender to the Union when realizing the war had ended a month earlier with the surrender at Appomattox Courthouse in Virginia.

After the war, Texas remembered her heroes.  They named many towns, counties, schools, and other institutions after them as evident when looking at a state map.   Since Texas did not suffer lengthy occupation during the war, reconstruction was not as harsh as in other states.  Many people from the east, hung a shingle from their home with the letters GTT, (Gone To Texas) painted on it and started a new life here. Together these veterans rebuilt the economy, and shaped the state to become what it is today--LEGENDARY.
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